Aldon by Colcha Linens Tropic Bay by Colcha Linens
African Safari by Colcha Linens Cambric Gray by Colcha Linens
Cambric White by Cambric Fabric Cambric Aqua by Cambric Fabric
Cambric Vanilla by Cambric Fabric Cambric Seafoam by Cambric Fabric
Cambric Natural by Cambric Fabric Cambric Walnut by Cambric Fabric
Cambric Eggplant by Cambric Fabric Cambric Red by Cambric Fabric
Cambric Berry by Cambric Fabric McGregor Natural by Colcha Linens
McGregor Chocolate by Colcha Linens Malden Platinum by Colcha Linens
Malden Charcoal by Colcha Linens Malden Natural by Colcha Linens
Malden Vanilla by Colcha Linens Maidstone Natural by Colcha Linens
Maidstone Gray by Colcha Linens Maidstone Taupe by Colcha Linens
Harrow Charcoal by Colcha Linens Joachim Cognac by Colcha Linens
Joachim Mocha by Colcha Linens Gosfield Gray by Colcha Linens
Gosfield Vanilla by Colcha Linens Bedford by Colcha Linens
Flint by Colcha Linens Blenheim by Colcha Linens
Chestnut Park by Colcha Linens Cliffside by Colcha Linens
Hickory Lane by Colcha Linens Richmond by Colcha Linens
Nelson by Colcha Linens Camelia by Colcha Linens
Willowbrook by Colcha Linens Kingsville by Colcha Linens
Dallas Stone by Colcha Linens Geo Avocado by Colcha Linens
Geo Peacock by Colcha Linens Kline Coal by Colcha Linens
Kyoto Espresso by Colcha Linens Kyoto Seafoam by Colcha Linens
Kyoto Cognac by Colcha Linens Floral Camel by Colcha Linens
Piper Chocolate by Colcha Linens Montgomery Sand by Colcha Linens
Sylvio Black by Colcha Linens Sylvio Ivory by Colcha Linens
Sylvio Mink by Colcha Linens Montgomery Buff by Colcha Linens
Montgomery Gray by Colcha Linens Montgomery Mink by Colcha Linens
Why Colcha Linens?

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for supporting not just us, but supporting made in America. We believe that making things in the United States, keeping products made in America will benefit the country, the products and the quality of our bedding. Working with retailers, we understand the struggles that are faced, day in day out with items NOT made in America.

Items that are made overseas, whether custom made, or just backordered, are an inconvenience, not just for us, but more importantly our customers. Waiting on items to arrive in containers, which at times may become damaged en-route to us, is a disadvantage to the retailer. We do not have control on when, how or what condition these items may arrive and unfortunately, we have to relay unconfirmed information to our customer, who at this time may be unhappy due to delays with receiving their order. Though this is something we have no control over, unfortunately, the retailer is the one who is giving the poor customer service. THIS is why you need Colcha Linens. We are not only doing things better and faster, but with quality. We are printing our fabrics as well as making the actual comforter sets and accessories here, all are made in America. We all know most items made overseas are more of a “throw away” rather that of being made to last. We hear it first hand from our retailers, when customers spend a large amount of money remodeling their bedrooms around their bedding and the bedding does not last as it should. This just leaves the customer feeling hesitant on ordering other items with you. Well, we are here to change that. We are here to give retailers the confidence that they are selling excellent, made in America, quality bedding that the end consumer deserves.

If you need a custom program, would like to offer an exclusive pattern or want to hop on that new fad? We can go from initial design, fabric printed and you receiving the bedding in your hands in less than a month! We are here to change the “old” way of doing business. No more waiting months to have something designed and another few months to have it made and shipped. No more poor quality items that don’t last and colors fade.

The bedding industry has been half asleep for the last century, come join the Colcha Linen Family and see and feel the difference!

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